What We are looking for

We are always on the lookout for quality new stores to join us!  

There are standards that can be really useful if you are trying to determine if your store would be a good fit with $70L Weekends, so read on for more details!

Quality!! This is the most important! Quality products are critical to success both with our sale, as well as across the grid.  It's what second life avatars have become accustomed to.  This does not mean style though, don't get them confused.  Just because your store may carry items that are unique or outside the box does not mean that the quality is lacking.  Examples of quality things we look for:

In terms of clothing, it should look realistic!   Templates are fine, but making them unique will help set you apart, and increase your potential for sales. 

Do you design furniture?  Then it should also look realistic. Appropriately sized for the piece, the mesh is well made and made to be as low of LI as possible, beautiful texturing, etc. Quality animations are also recommended!

Application Process
Interested in joining us? We are always looking for new stores to join us!

*please note* We will not respond unless you are accepted and NOT all stores that apply will be accepted!


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